Monday, April 13, 2020

Church vs. State vs. Covid-19 vs. Hey Y'all, I'm BACK!!!

Okay... so maybe that last one isn't really a 'vs' .... but HEY Y'all! I'm Back!

It has been about 2 years since I've written or recorded anything on here, but, after a good month of being confined, I've decided it's about time to restart. SO...

The past 24 hours or so, my facebook feed has been going crazy with angry posts about this whole pandemic we are currently going through. We have been dealing with this for about a month or so. And yes, of course there were a few angry/frustrated/confused posts in that month. But it has exploded since yesterday morning. And I can understand that. Yesterday was Easter. Yesterday was the first holiday for most since this all started, and we weren't supposed to spend it in church, or with family other than those who live in our house. And then this morning, after the heartbreakingly lonely Easter Sunday, many learned that this will continue into May at least. So here are a few tidbits to think about...

1) I want to first say how I spent my Easter. Usually, I spend it with most, if not all, of my kids. Yesterday was with one of mine (not yet an adult like his 5 siblings), my boyfriend, and 3 of his kids. Hell yes I missed the rest of my own kids, their significant others, and my grandkids. But Saturday night, the Easter bunny still made up Easter baskets. Sunday morning, he showed up. We made "bunny butt" pancakes for breakfast. We had a shortened version of the usual Easter dinner. We had the typical "we adults are old and need a nap" deal. We had fun. The kids had fun.

Oddly, I missed going to church... but only for a moment. I realized, while laughing at our bunny butts - God was right there with us. We didn't have to be in the church for that. We never have to be in the church building for that. I am not trying to convince anyone to NOT go to church. I am simply saying... when you can't go, you can still find God.

2) Pray for the World to Heal...

I think this pandemic IS God's answer to the world needing to be healed. I am actually really pissed off at the churches staying in service claiming "God will protect us"... or, "if I get sick because I went to church, that's okay."

2a) Those who say "if I get sick going to church, it's okay because I will survive".... and to the pastors/priests/ministers/etc who say they told the elderly/immune deficient to stay home - you're all idiots. (Sorry God). But seriously.... yes... YOU will survive and the elderly/immune deficient stayed home. Yet one person at yesterday's service was a carrier. And that transferred to more. And those people all figured they were safe and went on to visit (or will in the next few days) their elderly parents, or other family members at risk. I am so thankful God sent a pastor to our community who recognized this as a possibility and is only doing online services. And has found other ways to reach out to people (i.e. the Social Distancing Easter Parade our church had yesterday).

2b) This pandemic has done a few things which I truly believe to be God's plan -
the planet itself is seeing many rapid changes. I know some of the photos of air pollution are probably photoshopped... not all are. There is less air pollution. There is less depletion of our natural resources.

And more importantly - there is a huge increase of family togetherness. Kids are getting bored being on there social media crap because even their school is on that. We're all spending more time together as a family unit. Kids are learning how to cook and do home repair and simple chores.

God IS healing this world.


To be continued...

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