Friday, August 24, 2012

The World is Coming to an End...

It must be. That can be the only explanation as to why on earth I am writing sermons. This is what most might think. However, the truth is, there is another explanation...

Earlier today, I jokingly told a pastor that I would write his sermon for him. Of course, he (and I) seemed to find some humor in me actually writing a sermon. He made the comment that he would love to read what I could come up with.

This evening, I decided to take him up on this offer. But, as is often the case, too many ideas started coming to mind. If I write all of these ideas, they really wouldn't fit with my blog that contains my novels (The Bottom Shelf). And they definitely wouldn't fit in with my short "romance" stories (Passion's Garden). I could place them on the normal rambling blog (Darkside of the Rose), but, this could just get confusing. Therefore, I have created a whole new blog - Sermons from a Psycho.

While the title of the blog may appear that this blog will be sarcastic and stupid blogs condemning Christianity (or religion in general), that it will make fun of such a topic - this is not the case. These will be real "sermons" from a slightly twisted person whom isn't quite certain of her own beliefs. Please feel free to comment, and enjoy, and try not to be too offended.

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