Monday, December 9, 2013

My One Prayer This Season

Many years ago (about 20 or so) I wrote a poem... Never Trust, Never Cry. I held to this motto for years. Over 20 years to be honest. It wasn't until a good friend taught me that it's ok to trust people... it's ok to open up to others... it's ok to let them see me cry... that I started to go against the words of my poem. I went against my mantra.

Tonight, I wrote a post about crying in public - about how so many see those tears and walk away. To be honest, this is a pain that hurts more than holding those tears in. It's the reason I did hold those tears in for so long. But, this isn't about me. It isn't about those who walk away. It's about those who've stayed near. It's about the lessons I've learned from those who haven't walked away.

Thank you God. You have given me a family - not all born of the same blood, but all with more heart and love than I deserve or expected. You've given me sisters who have stayed by my side; brothers who have given me some of strongest and most heartfelt lessons. You've given me people who have loved me; and more importantly have taught me how to love others. I often over look the gifts You've bestowed upon me - I get selfish; get angry that my expectations aren't met. But You have given me so much more than my expectations.

My one prayer this season is that you give me the courage, strength, and love to not ignore another's tears. Give me the ability to recognize the pain and need in another's heart - to be the reflection of comfort you offer us all. Let my arms hold another as if they are Your arms. Let my words bring the peace and comfort only You can give. Let me never be the person to bring upon the pain and emptiness that is felt when someone sees tears and still walks away. Help me to love as You have loved.

In Jesus' name,

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