About Me

Me in a nutshell? I'm a misfit. I belong nowhere, but can get along everywhere... at least for a while.

I'm 29 years old (for the 13th year or so)... living in small town USA. I am Christian. I technically belong to an Evangelic Lutheran Church, and agree with their theology, however am currently not an active member of that church or any other physical church structure.

As you read my blog, and get to know me, you'll quickly come to realize that I've been through a lot of not-so-good stuff in my past. I'm very open about these experiences because they have helped shape who I have become. In fact, it is these experiences which caused me to have 157 voices in my head.

My current life: I have 6 kids, 1 grandson, 1 dog, 1 turtles, approximately 15 fish, and 1 husband.

If you want to know any more about me... all ya gotta do is ask.

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