Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let's Talk About Sex...

And now that I have successfully (and unfortunately) gotten the song "Let's Talk About Sex (Baby)" by Salt 'n' Pepa in my head...

Sex - Do we ever really talk about it? 

Oh sure, we debate certain sexual topics such as homosexuality. We discuss at times adultery, although, not nearly as often. When it comes to our children and premarital sex, the conversations usually involve either:

a) don't talk at all about it
b) throw 'em some form of birth control and be done with it
c) throw the Bible at 'em and let them know if they have sex before marriage, they're sinning and are going to hell.

Yeah, these are all really helpful. Is it any wonder we have such a high amount of teen pregnancies?

Kids need to understand their physical desires are normal. It's only by accepting their human limitations and recognizing that they need to turn to something higher than themselves that they are able to fight those temptations.

Sex - Have you had that talk with yourself recently?

Last night, I fantasized about having sex with you.

You aren't my spouse. I'm not yours. (But, in case you're wondering, you were great...).

Lust enters most (if not all) of our minds. Yes, some of us are better at burying it than others. Some of us are better at smacking it down as soon as we see it rear it's head. Just because lust enters ones mind doesn't mean that person drags out the porn and settle in for a nice romantic evening with him/herself.

It means we're sexual creatures. It means we're normal.

And, it means we need to have an honest discussion with ourselves as to our human limitations when it comes to lust and our desires; and we need to recognize that we need to turn to something higher; if we want to be able to fight these temptations.

Sex - Have you had that talk with God recently? 

The problem with lust is quite simple. When we don't recognize it within ourselves and admit to it and deal with it right away, it does not go away. It builds. It grows. It starts with just a thought.. "I wonder what it would be like..." and soon is a fantasy and a private, one person, romantic evening... and could quite easily become an intimate two-person evening with a lot of regret.

We must take it to God. We must openly share with Him these thoughts and ask His guidance. We must be willing to talk to God about sex. And well, if you think about it... God a) created sex; b) endorses sex in the right circumstances; c) already knows you've been thinking about it, and to what graphic detail; and d) knows when you've been having it, and to what graphic detail. So, you might as well just tell him.

Again, until we look honestly at our human limitations, and turn to God for help and guidance, we will not have the strength (usually... most of us...) to fight the temptations of lust.

So... everyone get on out there and talk about sex.

God bless!

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