Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Distrustful Introvert

I've heard it said many times that God wants us to reach out to others. We should be welcoming. We should be caring and helpful. I've also heard it said that we should be testifying of God's love and mercy and of Jesus in our life. We should be giving our testimony.

I've heard it suggested that I am distrustful of everyone and refuse to let anyone in. I've also heard it suggested that I am very introverted.

And I can't argue with any of this.

But, I do have issue with the assumption that one's faith is low if they are unable to give testimony. I do have issue with anyone who suggests that just because one person can scream God's news from the rooftops, this person is somehow stronger in faith than the silent ones.

Introverted doesn't mean nonbeliever. It doesn't mean someone of little faith. Being distrustful of man doesn't mean being ungrateful of God's grace. Being cautious of man's intent does not mean one is cautious of the Lord's meaning and purpose.

Some of the most introverted people I know have the greatest spiritual strength I have ever witnessed. And most of the people I know who shout God's Word from the rooftops do it only for show, and are actually quite weak.

Don't be so quick to judge the strength of another's faith. Don't be so quick to assume the strength of their faith is even any of your business.

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