Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Women are here to please men!

I've got a bone to pick... or, a stick to stab in someone's eye...

A while back, I read something that just made me want to hurl (someone off a cliff). A couple days ago, the author of the article brought it to my attention again. The silly man likes to provoke me.

Anyway, this article made several claims which the author passed off as truth. And, not just any truth. God Himself says this is how it is, and if you aren't following this, you obviously don't believe in God and/or the Bible. And, the author is using the article to educate young men and women. Some of the claims he makes include:

  • Women belong to men
  • Women's happiness is dependent upon their relationships with men
  • Men are the stronger party; women the weaker vessel
  • Women (wives) feel dependent on their husbands when their husbands have sex with them
  • If a husband isn't pleased with his wife, the woman sees this during sex and knows she cannot please him (which, of course, will make her unhappy)
  • God made women want to please men
  • Women associate sex with making babies
  • ... my personal favorite: the love children get from their mother comes from the love the mother gets from her husband. If she gets no love from him, she is incapable of giving love to her children.

Dangerous Teachings!

Now, I'm not going to get into all the Bible verses regarding husbands and wives. The quick and dirty summary - mutual submission. Look it up on Google. Read it in the Bible. If whatever article you find regarding husbands and wives does not embrace mutual submission; but instead claims the husband rules his wife and she's basically no more than property to him, or alive simply to please him (which of course, very few articles actually say, but that's what many boil down to)... then whoever wrote it doesn't understand the Bible.

This said.... allow me to address the bullet points above.

An argument used to support these bullet points was that so many young ladies are seeking attention from men, often to the point of premarital sex and pregnancy.

I don't think this supports these bullet points. Instead, it is the belief in these bullet points which causes girls to seek attention from men, have premarital sex, and get pregnant.

If a girl believes her happiness is dependent upon a relationship with a man, she's going to seek a relationship with a man!

If she believes her only purpose is to please men, she's going to do what she must to please him. If she believes she is only on this planet to serve men, she's going to try to serve men.

We are teaching our girls to seek attention from men when we spread the lies listed in the bullet points above!

The Truth (as I see it...)

  • Women (and men) belong to God
  • A woman's happiness is dependent upon her relationship with Christ, and on seeking to better herself and follow her own goals and dreams
  • Men are usually the stronger party physically, but other than that, women are definitely not weaker vessels!
  • Most women enjoy sex. They are (usually) not sexually submissive. They do not feel dependent on men just because the man has sex with them; and most of us really love getting and giving pleasure
  • God made women as a companion and helpmate to men. Not to please man.
  • Women associate sex with a number of different things, depending on the woman, and her mood at the time. These can include making babies, showing love, feeling loved, giving pleasure, receiving pleasure... or sometimes, we just need that sexual release.
  • The love children get from their mother comes from the mother. End of story. 

Please stop teaching our girls to be possessions!!!

God did not intend the female species to be simple possessions of men. Our wives, daughters, sisters, mothers... they are not here to please men. They are not here to be submissive to men. And their happiness does NOT depend on men.

Please teach the girls in your life to live up to their own potential. Please teach them to follow God, and love everyone, including themselves. Please teach them they can find happiness outside a man/marriage - and, in fact, will most likely only find a pseudo/temporary happiness if they are seeking that happiness from a man.

Please stop teaching our girls they are nothing more than possessions, reliant on men.

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