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I write smut. I have a blog consisting only of smutty short stories. Of course, these are generally coined "romance" - but, well, there really doesn't exist much romance in many of the stories. Just smut. I recently hid this blog because I felt a bit self-conscious having such stories just laying around where any good wholesome person could find it. It would be a bit embarrassing for me to know someone was reading some sermons, accidentally clicked a link, and suddenly Jenna was sliding to her knees.... to pray! honest!...

Anyway, once again, my mind wanders from its topic. That's not correct - it's on the same topic, just not what I am intending to go on about...

So, I was feeling self-conscious about these short stories. And then I realized something. The Bible has more sex in it, and much more twisted sex in it, than I could ever write.

There is the story of Lot (or, a few stories of him). In Genesis, chapter 19, he offers up his virgin daughters to a mob. Then, later, his daughters get him drunk and sleep with him in a cave. There are so many issues with this messed up family, I don't even know where to begin. You have a father willing to give his daughters away to get raped, but then those same daughters think "oh hey, let's get daddy drunk. I want a baby."

In Genesis, chapter 29, we have Jacob having sex with two women whom are sisters, and also with each woman's handmaid. Later in Genesis we have Onan "pulling out" so as not to knock up his sister-in-law (he dies for this action, by the way), Oh, and this sister-in-law? She dresses up like a hooker and has sex with her father-in-law. And of course, there are the sons of God knocking up the daughters of man - who give birth to giants. There is the possibility that while Noah was passed out drunk, his son had sex with him (Genesis 9:24). Abram sleeps with his wife's handmaid (Genesis 16:1-4). And Song of Solomon - that is one pornographic novel from start to finish. Quite entertaining, however. This book alone makes me feel much less guilty for my writings.

The list of sexual encounters in the Bible goes on (and on and on); the ones listed above are only the ones I can recall.

In addition to all these sexual encounters, there are also odd rules that wouldn't hold up in a court of law in America today. And I bring these up, especially because I find fanatics a little nonsensical. They will quote a piece of the Bible which says homosexuality is a sin. But, they ignore all the other rules. If one wants to go by biblical rules (and I really hope no one does), they should go by all of it... not pick and choose as they feel.

But again, I am getting side tracked....

The "rules" as I recall (and, as it is getting late, I am not going to look up all the verses for these... I just know they're in the Bible somewhere):

You are not to have sex with animals, or with anyone the same gender as yourself.
You are not to have sex with your father's wife, your daughter in law, your sister
You are not to have sex with a menstruating woman
and the list of do-nots goes on.

But, what really gets me is when it comes to what you CAN do, and what is punishable and for whom...

If a man dies and his wife has not had any children, the man's brother is to sleep with her.
If you find a pretty woman among the captives, you may take her home and sleep with her. If you don't like her, let her go.
If a woman commits adultery, she is sentenced to death.
If she is raped in the city (and betrothed/married) and doesn't yell loud enough for help, she is sentenced to death. (If she's raped in the country, only the rapist dies.)
If she is raped and single, she must marry her rapist.

I somewhat got off the topic of the Bible being a porno (one which should have pictures I was just informed), and switched to the "rules of sex" as depicted in the Bible. Neither topic has been discussed here nearly as thoroughly as I probably could discuss them, but I think I will end this sermon here, and with this to contemplate:

There are many stories and rules in the Bible regarding sex. Why is sex such a prominent topic within the Bible? Are the rules described out-dated? And if this is the case, how can we not allow for other "rules" to be also outdated? And lastly, is it wrong to write smut? Solomon did...

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