Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God Called, My A$$

In my previous post, I mention God calling us... or, more specifically, me... for some unknown purpose.

It's kind of funny - I have often heard the term "God called me..." but never believed it. In fact, I went so far as to be a bit of a b!#@$ about it to a pastor/friend of mine. "Called away to another state, my ass. You simply wanted to leave." Yeah... I wasn't too nice to him. To be honest, I'm still not.

But, anyway... I always thought that the claim of being called by God to do something was a bunch of hogwash. It was just an excuse for acting selfishly. But, of course, when that selfishness is actually seated in Christ, it validates the reasoning "I was called." What I mean by this.... "I was called by God to this Church" is a 'valid' reasoning. "I was called by God to sleep with the football team" doesn't hold as much merit. But is there any difference? Do people truly act upon a "calling" from God to do Godly things, such as called into ministry? Or is it simply a desire of theirs - just as one person desires to become an actor, or a teacher... one desires to become a minister. Why is one considered a "calling" and one is not?

If it truly is a calling from God - why would God call someone away from loved ones? Why would He "call" someone to leave friends and family... why would He want someone to intentionally hurt loved ones... just to go to a different place to minister?

I was going to make this post a bit longer, and a bit more intelligent sounding... But, it's getting late, and I really have nothing more to say on the topic (unless of course people want to read me whine for a few more pages).

Good night, and God bless

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