Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hi God... It's Me...

Hi God, It's me again...
Not quite sure why I'm praying tonight. I guess I just need to talk. I wonder - do you ever get lonely? Odd question... I blame the Ibuprophen overdose. But, I've been sitting here thinking...tonight I feel incredibly alone, incredibly lonely. And the question bounced into my head - do you ever get lonely? You have billions of people reaching out to you for help... but no one ever offers to help you.

But of course, I'm not praying to ask how you're doing. What would be the point in that? No, as usual, and as everyone else, I am praying because I want and/or need something. I will, of course, toss in the usual thanksgivings. I was always taught that before I ask you for anything, I must be certain to thank you for all the good things in my life. 

So, yeah, thank you for everything in my life. 


Oh, fine. To be more specific... and in extreme seriousness... thank you for my family, my shelter, for giving us food and love and relatively decent health. Thank you for my friends, and this community, and for the support I sometimes get from humans. And thank you for taking care of my brothers. I could go into more detail, and continue on for hours with everything I am grateful for. But, it is simply easier to simply say thank you for everything. 

 But now, of course, it's time for me to be selfish. 

And, as usual, I find that I cannot put my needs into words. 

Therefore, please God, hear the cries from within my heart. Hear the pain from within my mind. I give these thoughts, these sorrows and pains, to you. I give these fears to you. Please Lord hear my silent screams. 



In Jesus name, 

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