Monday, September 16, 2013

Do You Take This Woman... and This One... and This one...

Read: One Man, One Woman: Does the Bible Really Teach Monogamy

Now, this linked article really isn't much different than any other article you find in support of monogamy. It quotes the same verses as evidence of God's desire for us to be in a monogamous relationship. It gives the same arguments you've read before.

What got me, however, was the comments.

Now first let me point out, I don't actually believe in polygamy. And, I will get to my own reasoning for that in a moment.... but the few comments which are on the linked article did get me thinking.

First: polygamy in the case of widows. Granted, in many societies, women are quite capable of taking care of themselves if they lose their husband. But, the idea of a family member marrying the widow to be able to provide her and the children care is an understandable one. It isn't exactly one I would support - what if the widow doesn't like the brother-in-law... and the brother-in-law (now husband) believes he has the right to whatever marital benefits he desires?

Second: "The two will become one flesh." I had never looked at this verse as two parents reproducing to create a child. The article's author says this can't be the case because the Bible supports childless marriage and multiple children. But first - sex before marriage is  wrong, and therefore you wouldn't know it would be childless until it happens. Second, where does the Bible support childless marriage in any greater of a capacity than it supports multiple wives? And, even if a couple has 20 children, it is still 2 parents creating one flesh... and then another... and another. The author's argument, in my opinion, does not truly defend the position that this verse cannot mean two parents creating a child. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Finally: why am I against polygamy? It's actually not a biblical reason per se... although, in a way I guess it is. My opinion is similar to concerns mentioned in two of the comments on that article. We're human - and as such, we are prone to feelings of anger, envy, bitterness, frustration, etc. Most men can't emotionally support one woman... imagine the frustration of trying to take on multiple wives. And most women have that fun habit of getting jealous and spiteful... so husband spends a few nights with wife #1, wife #2, 3, 4 and 5 are going to be a little upset. There will be dissension in the marriage unit, more so than would be found in a monogamous unit. And this is just human nature - the more people involved in something, the more differing personalities and opinions, the more chance for chaos.

So there ya have it people - only one husband or wife (not one of each either). Two people = one marriage. Any more than 2 and you're going to have more problems than the extra sex is worth. Of course, this is just my opinion... feel free to give me yours.

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