Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Battle Rages

Tears threaten to spill, for no reason. Or perhaps for every reason. It is all becoming too much, and yet not enough. I can feel the darkness closing in, like a cool blanket, promising peace and pain. I can feel the light crying in anger and hatred and sorrow. The battle rages.

Chaos whispers, swirling around me, through me, coveting my soul. Light and dark battle within me, clawing at me, ripping me to shreds as they fight for dominance.

I hear my heart scream for the Lord, for peace, for comfort. And yet I know there exists that darkened soul which snickers at my pleas, knowing I want the pain and chaos. The battle rages.

I had destroyed this darkness, I thought, pushed it from me and turned my back on it. But, the light grew cold and lonely, begging for that darkness back, and the darkness obeyed. And now they rage again, they seek to destroy, but is it each other they try to destroy, or simply me?

Where is that white knight whom shall save my heart? Where is that dark knight whom shall steal my soul?  Where is the hope for chaos in heaven or peace in hell? Where has it gone? Why has it gone? Where art thou who promises mercy? Why have you ripped that salvation from my arms? Why have you ripped the beloved from his thoughts?

And the battle rages. The battle for answers or ignorance. The battle for justice or love. The battle for peace or chaos. The battle for light or dark. The battle rages and I see no end.

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