Friday, February 22, 2013

I Can't Stand My Life!

Several months ago, a friend suggested I read the book of Job. I made it through the first few chapters, but then got busy with other things - family, work, watching bad reality television. And I never got back to this particular book. Today, I woke up to an emailed devotion which was about Job, chapter 10. I read it, and read the devotion which was very short and in regards to being angry with God.

I have to admit this particular piece of scripture did touch me. It was about me... or, at the very least, how I used to be. When so many things go wrong so many times in ones life, they get angry - at God, at life, at everything. They hate their life. They wish they'd never been born. They start to wonder why God is picking on them.

...Can’t you let up, and let me smile just once before I die and am buried (The Message)

...Turn away from me so I can have a moment’s joy (NIV)

...cease then, and let me alone, that I may take comfort a little (KJV)
It doesn't matter which version you use to read Job 10:20... his plea at the end of that verse. All he wants is for God to stop knocking him down. All he wants is a moment of peace, comfort, happiness, before his life is over. It's a plea I've made so many times. It's a plea many of us have made so many times.

And, often times, it seems it's a plea that God ignores.

So, this brings me back to the original devotion I read this morning. And I have one question - Is it okay to be angry with God?

I looked this question up online. And there are so many answers, from people who like to write much longer answers than I do. They toss out scripture which makes little sense to the question at hand. One called the people whom would ever dream of being angry with God fools. Some sugar coat their answer a little more. I had one person tell me straight out - it's ok if you're angry with God. He understands this, and still considers you a beloved child.

So which is?

I don't know the answer. But, I do know what I believe...

Being angry with God is okay, but... it is wrong.


Say what?

Ok... let me explain this. By being angry with God, we're questioning his sovereignty. We don't trust in him. We're basically saying that he has done something wrong. All of this - this is wrong.

On the other hand, God understands what is in our hearts. He understands the pain we feel from time to time as we deal with life. So when I say it is okay to be angry with God, I am simply saying that God understands why we're angry. And, he forgives us, provided we accept that we're wrong in this anger.

Eventually, though - it doesn't serve you, or me, to be angry with God. It just keeps that bitterness inside us. Instead, we need to hand that anger and bitterness to God. We need to accept that God knows what he's doing. We need to trust in him.

We may not like everything we're dealt in this life - but we still should be thankful every day for what we do have that is precious and good.

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