Monday, February 25, 2013

Pray for Me...

Not sure what's wrong with me today... I started the day off nauseated, I came home from work this afternoon with a blinding headache, attempted to nap (and I think I did manage to eventually drift off for a few moments), and now I still have a bit of the headache and I'm incredibly light-headed/dizzy to the point of almost crashing to the ground every time I stand up. I so love being ill.

And, I have much too much work to do at the office tomorrow so I cannot miss work. So, please pray for me that I get well soon...

Anyway, due to whatever is wrong with me, there will not be a sermon tonight.

HOWEVER... I cannot leave my loyal readers hanging. And therefore, I am going to share two blogs I've recently stumbled across in my quest for knowledge. While I don't know either of these men personally, I have come to seek out their blogs on a daily basis praying for an update from them. Very good stuff...

Kurt's Blog//Fish 4 Souls
Bread for the Journey

And now, I'm going to go curl up and die (until morning).

Good night all, and God bless each of you.

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