Monday, July 29, 2013

God Gave Men Tongues for a Reason

A few days ago, while involved in yet another online Christian/Biblical debate, I made a comment regarding the fact that one cannot apply the modern definition of sodomy to translations made centuries ago. I mentioned how sodomy actually now encompasses anal and oral sex, regardless of gender (not that it's relevant to this post or topic, but I believe the original term had something to do with fertility cult worship rather than anything else). Anyway, I was then informed that these forms of sex are indeed banned in the Bible.

I've actually written on this topic before - well, kind of. It wasn't all too in-depth. And, neither will this one be. But, I do want to ask a question of my readers - where in the Bible are any of the following forms of sex prohibited when performed by two, heterosexual married people?
Anal sex
Oral sex
Manual sex (mutual masturbation)
Sex toys
Phone/internet sex

Don't get me wrong - I understand any type of sexual relations outside of marriage isn't good. And there are some things which take a person away from loving their spouse. And any form of sex within marriage in which one partner is not ok with the activity - also wrong.

But mutual enjoyment of each others' bodies? Mutually pleasing each other physically and emotionally? Where are these shown as being sinful in the Bible?

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