Sunday, July 28, 2013

Personal Interpretation

Have you ever taken an ink blot test? You look at a blob of ink on a piece of card stock and tell the therapist, psychologist, or other insane person showing this card what it reminds you of. There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. It's an ink blot. 

Have you ever been accused of treating the Bible like an ink blot test?

I have been. I've been accused of wrongful personal interpretation of the Bible. I've been warned about interpreting the Bible on my own. I've been informed that because I am not Catholic, I do not and can not understand the truths within the Bible.

And, I must admit, being accused of essentially treating God's Word like a splattering of ink is something I take great offense to. Why? Because this is something completely against everything I believe. The Bible is not something to be treated so callously. It's God's Word.

Yes, my beliefs on what the Bible says regarding certain topics does not match what some others may believe. But these are not my personal interpretations. These are not based on my own study. Yes, I do study the Bible. I also study commentaries on various viewpoints. But this does not form my personal interpretation.

My personal interpretation is actually God's truth as God shows it to me. It doesn't come from false prophets. It doesn't come from only my own reading. It doesn't come from study. It comes from God.

I pray before reading, and after reading. When I read the Bible, I read it with the Holy Spirit active within me. I don't read it with the teachings of the Catholic church (or any other church) screaming inside me. I read it with God inside me. This is how I believe the Bible should be read.

This doesn't make the Bible an inkblot. It makes the Bible real and alive. It isn't a personal interpretation. It's God speaking.

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