Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Are We Hardening Hearts?

Are we hardening people's hearts by what we say about God? Are we actually turning people from God? Are we making it difficult for people to open their hearts to Christ, and to Trust in Him, and Love Him?

When a child is abused and we say "God has a plan." And then we ask, "God, why?"

When a family is killed in a car accident, we say "God knows what He's doing." But we ask, "God, Why?"

When a storm wipes out thousands of people, we say "God had a reason." And we still ask, "God, why?"

Families go hungry. Friends get bullied and beat up. Parents lose their jobs. The car breaks down. There's no money for Christmas or birthdays. Grandpa gets sick. Mom breaks a leg. Sister needs surgery. Dad threw brother down a flight of stairs. A baby is born without a limb. The childless aunt has a miscarriage.

And we repeatedly ask God why He is doing this to us. And we get no response. Or we make the excuse that he is trying to bring us closer to Him. And yet, we move farther from him.

But, after so often of hearing these things, the words become meaningless. They were meaningless to begin with, though we continued to struggle with belief. We start to believe that God must be evil. He must be heartless. Or perhaps He's punishing us. Our hearts get harder. We lose trust and faith in our Lord.

When bad things happen - and they will - don't ask God why. Don't blame God. Blame the way of life and the world. Maybe, often, at times, Satan can have a finger pointed in his direction. But blaming and asking why only hardens us.

Instead, drop to your knees and ask God for strength, comfort, peace. Let yourself feel His embrace, because during tragedy, this is what our Lord is doing.

God bless.

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