Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Help Us Hear Your Call

Dear Heavenly Father,

At some point in each of our lives - perhaps at several points - you call us. You call us to join Your family of believers here on Earth. You call us to serve You. You call us to spread Your message. You call us to spread Your love. And, eventually, You call us Home.

With the exception of being called Home - an act we cannot control or choose to ignore - we often miss Your calls. We don't hear them. Perhaps, at times, we don't want to hear them. Sometimes, we are so wrapped up in our earthly lives, we can't hear You. The volume is turned down, or off, because we are too focused elsewhere.

At times, we know You're calling, but the reception is bad. We can't understand what You're saying or what You are needing from us. We try to answer the call, but do so in a noisy place. We think we understand what You want, but have misunderstood Your Words.

Please help us to hear Your call when You make it. Help us to listen. Help us to act upon Your Will. Within the calm of prayer, give us clear reception so we are able to understand what You ask of us. And give us the courage and strength and know-how to do Your desires.

And, if we don't answer - don't give up on us. Eventually we will hear that ringing...

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,

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