Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Count the Number of Sins (Winner gets a prize!)

Ok, so this friend of mine (married woman with children) decides she needs a night away from responsibilities. Husband agrees (wife is cranky/whiny... he really is perfectly fine with her leaving for a bit) and so he stays home with the children.

Wife goes to the bar and orders a drink (alcoholic no less).
A relative of the bartender approaches the woman, requesting her help. She's playing a little prank on one of the regulars because it's his birthday. The woman agrees, and the two ladies start telling everyone they're lesbian strippers.

Someone else orders drinks for the women.
The "lesbian stripper" sits on the bar and puts her legs on the woman's shoulders. The ladies enjoy another free drink.
Dancing ensues - and it is highly possible the woman had a fully clothed, but intimate dance with a barstool.
More free drinks.

The women laugh, talk, and get to know each other (not in that way). They discuss their jobs, the bartender (who happens to be a really cool person), God, their favorite alcohol, the weather, etc.
They close down the bar, hug each other and the men they were joking around with. And everyone goes back to their own homes/families, where the woman proceeds to tell her husband about the fun night. 

Count the number of sins this woman committed in this scene.... Winner gets a prize: A free fake-lesbian stripper night! Ok, I'm kidding. There really is no prize other than my love. :) But, I am curious as to how many sins people see in this scenario...

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