Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Refrain, Reduce, (Re)Forgive, and #reLENT

Lent season is soon upon us, with Ash Wednesday tomorrow already. I haven't even had time to put much consideration on this season, other than a few fleeting moments where the realization of the season flutters through my mind.

I have to admit - last year's plan for myself was a real eye opener on where the minds are of fellow Christians. I wrote a post (Why I'm Giving Up Church) which received insane amounts of negative reactions, allowing me to get a small glimpse of what many seem to consider important on our Christian journeys. And, it made me recognize that I am in the minority. Perhaps I am wrong - perhaps I just don't truly understand what it means to be a Christian.

Because of this, I will be spending this Lent season in more self-reflection than usual. I will spent it with more personal prayer than I normally would do. And don't worry - I won't give up Church for 4 weeks - I wouldn't want fellow Christians to blow their gaskets yet again (and well, to be honest, I don't want to hear what a horrible Christian I am for even considering this act).

So, what exactly is my plan this year? 

Refrain - yup, I will take part in the tradition of giving something up. I will be refraining from having any alcoholic beverages (I can still drink on Sundays, right?...) during Lent season.I've started relying on my relaxing evening/weekend drinks a bit too much, and need to place that reliance back on Christ.

Reduce - I have been taking on more and more things both in and out of the Church. These added responsibilities have taken away a lot of my time with my family, myself, and especially with Christ. I'm burnt out. I haven't figured out what I'll be relinquishing yet, but I know I need to slow down and reconnect with Christ,

(Re)Forgiving - Have you ever had those people whom you've forgiven - but then find yourself angry at again for the same thing you already forgave them for? Or, those who you just keep getting angry at for different reasons? Or, those who you just have a hard time forgiving? I will be making it a point to forgive these people (including myself) as I have been finding anger creeping into my heart more often lately.

#reLENT - As I've done the past couple years, I will continue with my plan to write a blog post each day during the Lent season. This year, I will be getting a little help from
The Slate Project (and The Slate Project FaceBook Page). They have a Digital Discipline project, in which each day has a focus word and a bit of scripture. Anything you share with this word - writing, song, image, photo, video, etc - you tag #reLENT.

My plan is to write something each day regarding that focus word. Where I've run into problems in the past couple years was not having a focus. I am hoping this Digital Discipline #reLENT will help with that, and will give me a good place to focus my writing, my prayer, my reflection, and my actions as I spend the next 40 days reconnecting and refocusing on my relationship with God and with better following Christ.

How will you "do" Lent this year?

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