Sunday, April 14, 2013

Born Again... again

Last night I had the privilege to get some advice and prayers and just have a very nice conversation with a potential friend (and, I only use the term potential friend because of my innate ability to distrust people). During this conversation, he asked me when I became a "born again Christian." At the time, I explained that I am not one of these people. I have always been a Christian. And, this is true. But, this has me thinking...

Many who claim to be "born again" are people who once did believe in God, and then wandered off the path, finally years later to find that path again. Well, if this is the definition of "born again Christian," then I would have to say that all of us (or, at least, all of us whom are honest with ourselves) are born again. Several times.

Once again, today, as I write this, I find my faith in God dwindling. I find myself veering off that path. I find myself doubting His existence and Word and grace and love. With all the pain and suffering in the world, how can there truly be a loving, caring, merciful God?

Ah, which brings me to another point I must make... a few days ago, someone in one of the google+ communities I'm in told me that God doesn't allow suffering. Well, hate to disagree, but God allows suffering all the time... which is why I at times wonder if there truly is a God. Can you honestly tell me that, for example, a man walking into an elementary school and killing a bunch of Kindergarteners doesn't cause suffering for the friends, family, loved ones, and the nation as a whole? God may not have created this tragedy and suffering, but He did allow it. He supposedly has the power to stop it, but doesn't.

But, back to the topic at hand.

What is a born again Christian? Is it truly simply someone who got lost, then once again found the right path? And if this is the case, aren't we all this way? Don't we all get lost? Don't we all need someone to shepherd us back into the flock?

Of course, sometimes I don't think I want to be shepherded back. I don't want to find that "right" path again, because at the moment, I don't believe it is the right path. It's the easy path (and, I'm sure many will argue that... claiming a path of sin and following the rest of the sinners would be the easy path. The path to God isn't the easy one. Well... I'll save that argument for another post).

Have you ever lost faith? Even if only temporary? Has it ever frightened you?

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