Monday, March 3, 2014

Selfish, Unforgiving, Or Just Weak-minded?

I'd like to begin this post with an apology - I should have the patience to actually look up verses rather than refer to "that one verse"... but I'm angry and trying to hammer out these words...

I have read many posts recently which talk about avoiding people. We should not hang out with those who do not believe as we do. We should not be married or stay married to someone who does not follow Christ. We should abandon friends who do not believe the same as we do about marriage, friendship, Christianity, etc.

These people quote the Bible. And yes, this is where I will be lazy and not put in the Bible verses they use. But yes... they do quote the Bible. These verses say we should not hang out with those who sin because hey, we're all to freaking weak to make our own decisions. We're all too weak to say, "hey, I realize you think it is ok to sleep with the football team... but that's not what God teaches us."

Yes, there are verses which say we should not associate with "bad people." But, aren't we all "bad people"? Do we simply accept these verses and completely ignore the fact that a) we're supposed to love everyone, b) we're supposed to share God's love and message with everyone, and c) there's even some place in 1 Corinthians that talks about being an example to a non-believing spouse.

True, if you have that one person who is trying to get you to sin.. that one person who encourages bad behavior on your part, then avoid them. But only after trying to witness to them. Don't just say "oh, you're a bad influence, I refuse to speak to you anymore." Are you really so much a lemming that you can't stand up to sin? You have to completely ditch a person rather than try to be a good influence because you're too afraid of the other person being a bad influence?

Maybe this is what is wrong with the world. We're too busy either turning our backs on people, or preaching rather than being a loving example of Christ. We're too busy being selfish and not wanting to actually have to stand up and be strong in Christ. It's easier to get rid of bad influences than to try to be a good influence. It's easier to turn our back on a potential follower of Christ, than to help lead that person to Christ.

We're just too selfish, unforgiving, and/or weak-minded to be the witnesses God has asked us to be.

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