Friday, February 6, 2015

The Story of Man and Woman

Once upon a time, God created man and woman in His image.

But man soon grew afraid of this equal yet different person and decided that because she was created from him, he was more important.

But, woman was still strong - perhaps stronger than he. So, he made sure to blame the fall of mankind on her. After all, she did eat the fruit first, even though he was standing there beside her the entire time, and gladly followed her lead.

When this still did not work, man took Scripture out of context to tell woman she could not teach or be of any importance within the Church or society. They made rules to keep a woman pure (or she would be stoned to death) until such a time man wanted to marry (sleep with) her - at which point she was sold to him. They made rules that woman must be subservient to man. And thousands of years later, continue to attempt this practice.

Yet woman was created in God's image, and God is subservient to no man. And thus, despite great efforts for the past few thousand years, woman is still strong and beautiful and equal.

The End

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