Thursday, May 7, 2015

Church of Misfit Toys (pt 3)

A few nights ago, I was visiting with a friend. This friend brought up some old blog posts I'd written about starting my own church. Yes, that's right... a couple years ago, I had decided to start my own church - the Church of Misfit Toys.

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Half-jokingly, this friend and I decided that this idea should be revisited. He and his family are just as much misfits as my family and I are.

Now, I'm not going to say that the Church I currently belong to marginalizes (ignores, pushes away, doesn't care) about the misfits in our community. However, I will say that it is a common problem within many churches. And within many communities.

We see someone who is too poor, black, female, homosexual, old, young, religious, sinner, etc - whatever the reason, this person doesn't belong in our church. This person should be outcast. I've heard people tell me that our pastor should either a) publicly speak to a person who is living with and has two children with a man but isn't married, or b) should kick that family out of the church. I have overheard people talking about how I cannot afford to send my children to camps and such. I have had someone outright tell me that I don't put enough in the offering plate.

I have had people speak to me about how poor another family is, and how they need to work harder so their kids have a good life. I've heard talk about families who have too many kids they can't afford. I've seen children of these poor families (including my own) treated as if they have nothing of value to provide the church, the community, or the world in general.

And it angers me.

This is not how a church is supposed to be. This is not how Christ was or is. Jesus ate and spoke and loved all - especially the marginalized. Especially the poor. Especially those who could not repay.

And this is how we are told to be. We are supposed to always be reaching out to those who cannot repay us. We are supposed to always be reaching out to others in love and kindness and generosity, in whatever way we're able. No, I don't have the money to go out and buy clothes for you. But I will give the shirt off my back to you if you need it. I can't afford to invite your family to dinner, but I can afford to watch your children for free so you can go out with your spouse, friends, etc. I can't afford to buy everything your child is selling for fundraising, but I can help that child provide services to earn a little money so she can enjoy a much deserved trip/event/etc.

That's what the Church of Misfit Toys is about. No, it's not a real church (yet... ). It's an ideal. It's an understanding of what Jesus wants from us. It's for all of us who often feel like we're outcasts because we aren't perfect. It's a group of sinners/saints who are simply trying to follow Christ and have a close relationship with Him. It's about love.

And it's a church all of us can and should belong to.

I hope you all have a glorious day, finding ways to serve each other to the best of your abilities, and serving God.

God bless!

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