Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Looking For Answers in All the Wrong Places

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You're weighted down by troubles, whatever they may be. Your heart is heavy, your burdens heavier. You've been taught time and again to give those burdens to God, and to pray. And so you do. You pray over and over again. But either God hasn't heard you, or simply doesn't care. A friend (or even a stranger) offers a hug and kind word. You smile politely, then walk away, praying harder for God to please help you. But again, you receive no response.

Many of us tend to expect and long for and await that miracle voice of God's saying "It's okay child. I've got this." At which point, all our problems *poof!* are gone. And, in this waiting... in this looking for the answer through a miracle... we don't see that God already answered. We simply did not recognize that answer. That person (or persons) who came up to us offering a hug and kind word - that could very well have been the vessel through which God was telling you "It is okay child. I've got this. I'm taking care of you."

God uses people to help others. God uses you to help me in my time of need, and me to help you in your time of need. We just need to open our hearts to recognize this. We need to recognize and trust in the person God uses as His hands to lift us when we're down. We need to hear His call when He needs us to be His hands to lift up someone else.

God's miracles aren't usually in the form of *poof!* all your problems are gone. Instead, His miracles are in the form of loving, kind, generous people who hold our hands when we're scared, hug us when we're sad, sit with us when we need to cry, and give us love when we feel alone.

Stop looking for answers in all the wrong places, and learn to trust in those God puts in your path. And even moreso, let yourself be placed in someone else' path to be God's loving hands.

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