Friday, February 9, 2018


I want to apologize for the lack of a sermon last Sunday, and again this coming Sunday. We have had a rather rough few weeks which has caused me to take an unexpected hiatus... and has required a lot of praying.

On Jan 23rd, my husband got another infection in his foot and wasn't doing well. We brought him to the ER and he was admitted and placed on antibiotics, and informed he would need to have his leg amputated. And the uninfected leg somehow ended up getting a meniscal tear. However, instead of doing the surgery right away, they sent him home on the 26th and scheduled an appointment with a vascular surgeon. After a long and stressful weekend of him barely able to move, we made it back to Fargo Monday the 29th so he could see the surgeon the the 30th.

Then, back home again to pack and get ready to go in for surgery Feb 1st. I stuck around Fargo until after the surgery... which went well. The surgeon told me he would have to be in the hospital until Sunday or Monday, so I went back home. I didn't hear from my husband Friday or Saturday, so I assumed he was just sleeping off the anesthesia. However, Saturday evening, the hospital called. His oxygen levels had dropped and he wasn't doing well. They thought they might have to intubate so it was back to Fargo that night for me. Sunday, he was doing slightly better but was in the critical care unit and getting oxygen through a BiPAP machine. I went back home again.

Monday, received another call - oxygen levels had plummeted again and he was moved to ICU. We waited until Wednesday to take off for Fargo again. Now, he is back once again in the CCU, and is off the BiPAP machine, but it's still going to be a long road to recovery. Hopefully today we get some answers as to what the plans are (i.e. how long of a stay are we looking at? Will he get to come home after discharge, or will he need longer rehabilitation in a long term place? What are they going to do with his other leg? How did the lack of oxygen affect everything else? etc etc etc). Just a lot of questions and uncertainty right now.

Anyway, that is just my long way of saying that our family (and especially my husband Tyler) is in need of a lot of prayer right now. I do thank those who've been tracking his progress through my Facebook updates and who have been supporting my family in whatever way they can.

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