Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Darkness - it's a place she lived in for quite some time. A place she still lives. Or perhaps it isn't a place, but rather a state of being. People have told her repeatedly that the light is there. But she can't find it. Every time she thinks she might see it, it disappears.  According to John 1:5, the darkness has not overcome the light. But is this truly the case? Can it be that there are those in which the light has been extinguished? 

No matter what the light signifies - God, love, hope, all the above - there are times when it seems this light has been lost, consumed by the darkness. I'd like to write a sermon about how this light isn't truly gone... that we just need to turn to God and we can find the light again. But what if I'm wrong? I cannot in good consciousness lead anyone to a lie. 

For this girl, the light has left. There isn't so much as a flicker left. It's just darkness. And with that darkness comes emptiness. That's how she feel - like an empty shell. Where is God? She's fallen into this pit before, but could always look up, and if she tried hard enough, she could see hope. She could see love. And she could feel God's light. But not this time. Perhaps all those past times were mirages - there truly wasn't a light, and she has never left the darkness. She has never seen any light. Or perhaps God or Satan gets some perverse pleasure from continuously switching off the light. Perhaps this entity should shut off the light permanently. It appears the light of hope and love and God has already gone out. Perhaps it is time for the light of life to also fade. 

Is there any hope for this girl? Is there any way to find the light again, or is it truly gone? Is it true that darkness does not overcome light? Is there anyone who can return the light to her? 

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