Wednesday, January 9, 2013


As I mentioned in a prior post, questions regarding God and religion are something many of us experience. Some of these questions I have posed in previous posts, but..

Is there truly a God? If so, why does he allow tragedy?

Are there some actions which are unforgivable?

Are there some people who are unforgivable?

Why does God abandon people in their greatest time of need?


When I started this post, I had a good dozen or more questions running through my head. But as soon as I started typing, they all seemed to disappear. Ah well, such is life. As no one has the answers anyway, it's quite pointless to even ask the questions. Instead, we just stumble along blindly and alone.

Ah, there's another one... does anyone truly care? Is there anyone actually there for you, or me, or any of us? Or are we truly alone? (ok, that was actually 3)

Does any of it even matter?

Does it matter if we have the answers? Does it matter if we ask the questions? Does it matter if we're each alone? Does it matter if we believe? Does it matter if we care? Does it matter if we live?

And with that multitude of "does it matter" questions, I end this rather pointless post on this rather pointless blog. Oh, there's a good question I will be pondering tonight... why do I bother writing on this blog? Or on my other blog? Or anywhere else? 

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