Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Give Me that Feel-Good Crap!

I hate "feel-good" people. You know the kind - no matter what is happening, they always have something overly-sappy, sweet and pathetically encouraging to say. They're the ones whose Facebook wall is over-ridden with all those inspirational pictures. They're the people who, whenever they speak or post something on social networking sites or in email, make you throw up just a little.

Our church recently welcomed in a new interim pastor who, in my opinion, is one of these "feel-good" people.I was not happy to find out she'll be our pastor for a while. Don't get me wrong - she's incredibly nice... all bubbly and happy and friendly. I don't like her. (No offense, by the way).

I have never liked the "feel-good" pastors. Yes - God is full of greatness and goodness and grace. Yes - God is wonderful. His gifts are bountiful. He is perfection and forgives us all our imperfections. I don't disagree with any of this. But do not preach it to me. I already know it. Or, at least, don't always preach it. I want a preacher who will help lead me - or will at least push me towards to the right path. I want the person who isn't afraid to give me a little smack upside the head when I start acting stupid, and start straying from that path. I want a pastor who is willing to be a mentor - who is willing to give me hints and tips and advice, but ultimately lets me make my own decisions, and yet is still there to catch me when I stumble.I want someone not only willing to teach me how great God is... but who's willing to show me the right way to live according to God's Word.

This is what I look for in people. Honestly. Steadfastness. Those I truly consider friends - these aren't "feel good" people. They're real people. They're people who are willing to tell me the truth but stand beside me no matter what mistakes I make. This is what I want from a friend... from a teacher... from a pastor. Don't give me the feel-good crap. Give me a good lesson that makes me think - that makes me want to become a better person. Don't feed my ego - feed my soul.

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