Sunday, December 29, 2013

Degrees of Sin

This question was posed by as a comment to something someone posted on Google+, but I'm really curious as to what others think about it...


Facts (or, at least, assumed facts... I could be wrong...):

Fact: Many people believe homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible, and will scream this belief to all who will listen.

Fact: Adultery is a sin (and includes remarriage after a divorce). And yet multiple marriages, multiple sex partners, cheating on spouses, etc is more common today than two married people whom have never been with anyone else sexually.

Fact: Adultery gets a decent amount of mention in the Bible (60+ mentions in the KJV), and is one of the 10 commandments.

Fact: Homosexuality is only mentioned around 6 times and is not one of the 10 commandments.



Why do we accept adultery as if it's no big deal, but treat homosexuality as if it is the worst sin imaginable?

Why do we not see signs against adultery, or articles, or preaching, or picketing of divorce lawyer offices, etc... and yet this is quite common for homosexuality?

Why do homosexuals get beat up, or businesses refuse to serve homosexuals based on "religious beliefs"... but adulterers never face these hardships... even by those same people with such high religious beliefs, morals and convictions?



Am I alone (well, I know I'm not completely alone... +Bob Hildreth is the one who made the original comment posing this question) in seeing this as backwards? Are we missing something here? Why is homosexuality treated as such a higher rated sin than adultery or other sins when it barely even gets mentioned in the Bible, and is not one of the commandments?

Comments encouraged! I really would like to know...

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