Monday, December 30, 2013

Goals Schmoals

So everywhere I look, bloggers are setting goals for 2014. Who sets goals? I mean... really? Especially for a blog. I mean... don't other people just suddenly get smacked in the face with something and need to write about it and share it even if it sucks?

Hmm...  just me?

Well, I have decided to follow this nasty evil trend of being organized, and make a few goals as well in regards to my blog(s).

My 2014 Blogging Goals:

Immediate goals (like, maybe, if I'm sober enough, I'll be doing this New Years Eve/Day):

1) Get rid of the rest of my blogs. The Bottom Shelf has already been deleted. Passions Garden and Whispers in the Hall will also be going. I may keep Darkside of the Rose up just because that's my other personality. Well... passions and whispers are as well, but one doesn't serve me, and the other doesn't get any traffic.

2) Redesign Sermons from a Psycho. I had considered also renaming it... but well, I like the name. It fits me. Some may not take what I say seriously simply because of the name - because I don't have it named something respectable and polite and toned down. But c'mon - how many Christians do you know that are reserved and polite and always appear to be that perfect stereotypical church-goer? The point of Sermons from a Psycho is that it doesn't matter who you are, what you are, or what you've done - you are a beloved child of God's. Heck... if He can love someone nuts like me, I'm pretty sure the rest of you are covered as well.

Ongoing goals (you know, the kind that will probably only last the first week, but I'm going to pretend to try to stick to):

The following goals are going to be weekly goals. I haven't yet figured out which day will be designated for which type of post - maybe there won't be a particular schedule. Except for Wednesday. I have reserved Wednesdays- and NOT for the usual Wednesday rewind many people do. Quite honestly, I don't like those rewinds. Mainly, because I've usually read the posts already and I want fresh content. Of course, the occasional re-share is nice - especially if there is a particular reason (i.e. a bunch of bloggers are debating a topic you wrote about 2 years ago... please share your work!). I just don't like the once a week all I get to read is the same ol' stuff I've read before... and probaby commented on.... and probably already wrote my own post spawned from yours.

But anyway... moving along...

1) Wordless Wednesdays. Yes, you read that correctly. Wordless Wednesday. God can be found in everything, and often we tend to try so hard to put Him into words that we forget the beauty of everything He's created and everything He is. So, every Wednesday, I am going to take a photo... and I think I just may try to encourage people to caption it (so... yeah... it wouldn't be entirely wordless I guess....)

2) Blessings (yeah, maybe I'll come up with a catchier name for this weekly bit...). A couple months ago, I purchased a devotional "The One Year God's Great Blessings Devotional." I've peeked at a few of the devotions, but because the book starts on January 1, I decided to wait to really get into it. But, what I really like about this book is that it is broken up in weekly segments, and each segment is a specific blessing. For example... Jan 1 - 7 deals with Listening (Listening to Him; Listening to His Call; Listening for His Spirit; etc); Jan 8 - 14 are about Love. If you follow the link to the book on Amazon, and click on "Look Inside" - then skip to the Index, you'll see all the topics covered. There are 52 total. And hey! 2014 has 52 weeks... So, each week, I will be writing a post regarding the devotionals (or, at least, regarding the topic of the week and/or one or more of the scripture references).

3. Theology (hey! Maybe I should do this one on Thursdays...). I will read something (anything really... not too particular) from a theologian (anyone really... still not too particular) or in some way about some kind of theology... and will give my thoughts on the whole topic.

4. Stay crazy and unpredictable! I do want to stick with writing some specific things, but I still want to give myself the freedom to just write what I feel, when I feel it. If it fits in with the blessing or theology topic of the week, great. If it doesn't - too bad. I'm going to torment my readers anyway. :)

Sermons from a Psycho Specials!

1. Guest blogger series! Yup, I am going to do at least 2 series' on specific topics, and beg for articles from specific people. Topics and people and deadlines to be determined, but we're probably looking at April/May... and again in Sept/Oct. Or so.

2. Lent - 40 days of  Sermons! I started this last year as a way of disciplining myself. Instead of giving something up, I chose to add something - something that would require me to focus on God. I decided to write a blog post every day during the Lent season. I did fairly well - only missing 3 or 4 days... up until March 10th. Then, for some reason, I had a tough time and only put out 6 or 7 posts. I ended the season with only 28 posts. So, this year, my goal is 40. And, I encourage anyone else who wants to join in, please do so. Maybe we can encourage each other to stay on course.


Well, I think I have rambled off enough blogging goals. God bless each of you and I hope the last couple days of 2013 are wonderful for you!

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