Friday, December 20, 2013

You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned

I love some of the lessons provided in Star Wars (episodes IV, V, and VI). Yoda has a few very good, very true quotes... "You must unlearn what you have learned" is one of my favorites.

And, this is perhaps one of the most difficult things for us as humans to do.

For example - a child who is beat everyday (particularly if that abuse is associated with love) has a higher chance of becoming abusive, or of getting involved in an abusive relationship when older. This child has learned that to show love, you abuse the person. Or, to be loved, you get abused. If someone tries to come in and change this... it isn't very easy. This way of thinking becomes so second nature, it's like it's hardwired into the brain.

If you grow up in a home, being told there is no God - someone who tries to introduce you to Christ is going to have a much more difficult time doing so. If you grow up being taught Hitler's way of ruling was correct and was the only way, you're going to have a hard time accepting anything else.

We must first unlearn what we have learned. We must "rewire" our brains, so to speak. We have to first let go of the old way of thinking before we can come to a point of being willing to accept the new way.

There is a possibility this necessity is something Christians are facing now... 

More and more religious leaders are changing the way they are thinking. Homosexuality is being determined to not be a sin. Scholars have read and reread the original languages of the Bible. They've looked into the context of these select verses where the Bible supposedly marks this act as wholly sinful. They've looked into the culture of the times. They've looked at the Bible in its entirety (did you know, there are only about 7 or 8 verses where homosexuality is mentioned - opposed to the hundreds of times love is mentioned?).

More and more religious leaders, including the Pope, are changing their stances to a focus of love. Some still believe homosexuality is wrong, but they do not believe any more emphasis should be placed on this than on any other sin. Instead, we all need to support and love one another. We all need to show the Gospel... we can't just preach it, we need to show it... we need to live our lives as Jesus would. Jesus would not have turned a homosexual away. And He would not have allowed us to injure one (physically or emotionally).

And boy oh boy do people take issue with this. They have grown up believing it is a sin and it is our right to condemn, criticize, and ostracize these people. All of these religious leaders are wrong! They are being swayed by the world... by Satan. They are weak.


They're forgetting one little thing.

God Called Them!

Yes, God calls men and women to spread His message, to minister to others, to do His work. The men and women preaching to us have been called by God. I wholeheartedly believe this to be the case with my current pastor, and my previous one. I wholeheartedly believe this to be the case with many other pastors I've had the pleasure of getting to know. And at least 70% do not believe homosexuality is a sin, and another 20% believe it is (especially because it is often sex out of marriage), but do not place this sin any higher than sex before marriage.

So, while yes, God calls men/women, and mankind is sinful... I find it very difficult to believe that God keeps calling so many who would so easily and completely go against His Word (and calls more and more who think like this every day).

Therefore... I think we need to unlearn what we've been taught and be open to relearn the truth of God's message. We need to stop bickering about who is right and who is wrong, and allow the truth into our hearts. We need to stop telling God that He's putting the wrong people in the pulpit (I have a feeling God probably doesn't like being told that...).

We must unlearn what we have learned.

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