Monday, January 20, 2014

A very public letter to a very [insert colorful adjectives] man

How do you do it? How do you manage to convince people that you're actually just a decent guy with your heart in the right place? That maybe you're a little old fashioned, but overall, you're a good person?

Are people just blind? Or is your sheep costume just a little too perfect? But, if that's the case, why can I see through it? How is it that I am able to see the wolf beneath the wool? Perhaps that's just what you show me... and only me.

We have had numerous conversations - you always using the Bible to support your oppressive behavior towards your wife. Your wife must submit to you. You are allowed conjugal visits whenever the desire strikes you. And should she withhold, you're within your right to either take it from her, or find it elsewhere. Your wife has no real rights. She must answer to you, and call you Lord. All she is, and does, and thinks, must be as you wish it to be. And when I confront you on the possible error in your thinking... when I suggest that your wife is oppressed... you actually use her to defend yourself. You say that she believes the same as you... she doesn't feel oppressed. Sadly, you can't or won't understand that either a) she's been so brainwashed, she does believe you; or b) she's too frightened to say otherwise.

And you've hinted at it before, but now you flat out admit that you beat your child. You've hit a child with objects. And again you use the Bible to support your actions, just as you do with your actions towards your wife. And should I, or any non-adult-male, question your actions and beliefs? You start with accusations and name calling and placing judgment.

You have no respect for women. And, obviously, not for children either.  And yet, you continue to email me trying to pick fights with me, regardless of the fact that I am not interested in your archaic, oppressive, opinions. You continue to berate me and judge me. You continue to defend the right to abuse women and children... and try to defend it to me... in an "attempt to persuade" me. And you continue to abuse the Bible, twisting its words to support your twisted views.

You will never convince me that it is ok to abuse a child. You will never convince me it is ok to control a wife. You will never convince me that these are God's Word, God's wishes, God's demands. You will never convince me that you, and those like you, are anything more than weak men who misuse the Bible to justify being abusive.

You say I am an unbeliever because I believe women are equal to men in a marriage. You say I am an unbeliever because I believe there are more effective ways of raising Godly children than to strike those children physically.

Well, I tell you here and now - if believing we are to love our spouses, and our children... that we are to work with them to create strong bonds with Christ, and with each other... that we are to guide our children into becoming godly, respectful, loving adults...

If all of this makes me an unbeliever... then I thank GOD for making me so. 

God bless,

PS - please do not ever speak to me again. :) Thank you and good night. 

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