Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'll Sit With You

A loved one breaks down in tears. Her pain evident. You know she's going through something difficult. And...

You can't seem to find the words. You want to comfort the person, but the words fail you. You want to pray with and for the person, but the words aren't there.

Today, I was venting to a good friend of mine over some past injuries that had come back to haunt me. There really was nothing that could be said in that moment to comfort me, other than the four words which were stated... "I'll sit with you."

"I'll sit with you while you cry."
"I'll sit with you while you vent."
"I'll sit with you for as long as you need me."
"I'll sit with you."

Simple words, simple phrases... and often the most comforting. In all the times I have grieved, or been hurt, or angry, or any other intense emotion - the kind of emotions that make many people (including myself) uncomfortable, and unsure of how to help - the most helpful and comforting thing anyone has done for me has been to just be there. Words aren't needed. A hug, an arm around the shoulders, or just sitting with me - that's what mattered. Just that presence let me know that someone cared and I was not alone.

And, if we think about it, this is what God does for us as well, and this is what we often find ourselves asking Him for. Yes, of course we pray for physical healing, or help out of financial strains, or the ability to forgive someone who has hurt us deeply. But most of all, we want to know He is sitting there with us. And every time we do this for another... every time we say "I'll sit with you".... we are reminding that person that God is sitting there as well. That person is not alone.

So remember... the next time you are fumbling for words to comfort a friend, all you need are four little words: "I'll sit with you."

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