Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Today Lord

Today, Lord, please walk beside those who cannot stand on their own. Wrap them in your comforting embrace. Allow their tears to fall, and by your love let those tears wash away their pain and sorrow. And in love, wipe those tears away and let them see hope.

Today, Lord, please give courage and strength to those those who have none. Hold them near to you and allow them to feel your presence. Bring a light of hope to those who see only darkness. Bring peace to the chaos and despair which echos in their hearts and minds.

Today, Lord, please bring comfort to those suffering depression and loneliness. Allow them to feel your warmth and love. Give them hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Today, Lord, be with those who walk beside the depressed, the lonely, the grieving. Give them the strength to be your comforting embrace. Give them the courage to take the falling tears onto themselves, and to be able to give the gift of your comfort and love to those who desperately need it.

Today, Lord, please fill the hearts of the caregivers and loved ones with your love and light, so they can reflect this back onto those who are in darkness. Help them bring your peace to those who feel only chaos and despair.

Today, Lord, please bring comfort to these loved ones who are reaching out to the suffering. Fill them with your warmth and love. Give them hope for a brighter tomorrow.


In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord,

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