Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Halloween - the LEAST Evil of the Holidays

Halloween season is upon us... which means OMG you're going to hell if you celebrate!

I'm sorry. But I call bullshit.

People look at Halloween as the evil holiday... the day that allows evil into our world. A pagan ritual. A horrible thing. 

Seriously, look at the other holidays we celebrate. Christmas? Pagan. Was actually a time of drunken fun for quite some time. Easter? Pagan. Valentine's day? Worse than pagan... it was a day of sex with a randomly chosen woman, and also of whipping women. Thanksgiving? Yay... we killed most of the native american's and took over their land.

Stop nit-picking and bible thumping unless you know what you're talking about.

Halloween is as evil as you allow it to be. Just as Christmas is as holy as you allow it to be.

For me, Halloween is a time of family and friends and fun. It's a time to spend time with loved ones. It's not a time to worship the devil or a pagan god or sacrifice a child. It's a season to make my yard look cool and spend time making decorations and costumes and watch little kids wander around asking for treats. It's a time to appreciate and celebrate the good things God has given us - those warm fall days before the snow falls, great friends and family, the giggles of little kids, the food finally able to be harvested, and so many other wonderful gifts.

The point of this post is simple - pretty much every holiday we have has roots with either paganism or some other non-christian thing. But it doesn't matter. God knows what is in our heart. If our heart is pure, he doesn't really give a crap if we're celebrating the birth of his son on the wrong day. He doesn't give a crap if we're celebrating the death and resurrection of his son on the wrong day. He doesn't give a crap if we're dressing up in goofy costumes. He doesn't give a crap if we're giving roses to loved ones on Valentine's day.

He gives a crap that we're loving one another and loving him.

And on that note, I'm going to do nighttime prayer and head to bed so I can do more Halloweeny things in the morning. Good night and God bless!

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