Monday, September 10, 2012

Follow Me, Please

Yes, now that I have insulted everyone by calling them my sheep... 

Quite seriously,  I have a request/suggestion to all my friends whom have blogs - please follow my blog! For everyone who follows me, I will also follow, so we can all join in  getting more readers to our little worlds. There's a little follow button (or join this site, or whatever it says) somewhere to the left of my page. Click it :)  

And, share. Always share. Share with people you like whom you think might benefit from this site. Share with people you can't stand whom you believe will be completely irritated by this site. But, Share! Please? 

Thanks everyone! :)

Yours in peace and pain, triumph and tribulation, and every other time...

Non-Rev. Brandi  :)

1 comment:

  1. As a former sheep-now agnostic (I once was lost in the dogma - but now I'm just a blindogg)I can only offer this...Going to church, in my opinion, is the act of communing with your god, and maybe your friends and neighbors.
    The friends and neighbors part is mostly a joke because these days we tend to be isolationists...not knowing much more than our neighbors first name.
    That leaves communing with your god. In my mind...whoever or whatever your god is, he/she couldn't give 30 pieces of silver where you do your long as you do it.
    I commune with my god ( I call him The Universe) while I'm driving...sometimes when I'm sitting at home watching tv...or maybe while I'm playing softball.
    I can't always plan my need for spiritual communication around somebody else's schedule - and The Universe never complains, because it doesn't matter where, when, why or how you celebrate your god...what's important is just that you do it.
    Ask him - he'll tell you so.


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