Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sex with Parishioners and Other Naughty Things

When I first sat down to write tonight, I had a completely different topic in mind. I was going to write about healthy Christian friendships - what they are and how to achieve them. But, in my hunt online for some articles to help me along, I ran into an article that had absolutely nothing to do with healthy Christian friendships. Instead, it had to do with a minister accused of sexually abusing nearly 30 women.

Now, my facts may not be entirely accurate here - I only half read the article, and well... it came with a video of the action, so it's entirely possible I simply stumbled on a poorly done amateur porn video/story. But basically... a pastor had sex with almost 30 of his parishioners. These were all women, around 25-30 years of age, and mentally competent (supposedly). And here is my favorite part - he convinced them to have sex with him (and this is why he's being accused of sexually abusing them) by telling them if they did so, they would see God.





First, all of these women should be charged with stupidity. That was my first thought, anyway, which really isn't very Christian of me. They actually believed that by having sex with a pastor, they would see God? How moronic!

This said, and after I got done shaking my head and wondering "what the hell?", I did stop to think about it from the other side. A pastor is someone we look up to. We often consider them to be trustworthy and wise. And, there is a good chance, if we're going to see a pastor in private, it's because we need spiritual guidance. So, if you put these two things together, I guess it would make sense. Therefore, my stance on this - while the women are definitely idiots for believing this guy, this pastor has no right to call himself a man of God. He abused his position.


But, this tale does open up the door to a discussion on all things taboo. What acts are sexual sins? What acts are acceptable in the eyes of the Lord?

Is it wrong to have sex with (or sexual thoughts towards) your parishioners?
Is it wrong to have sex with (or sexual thoughts towards) your pastor?

Is it wrong to masturbate? Is oral sex wrong? Or any of the other forms of sex?
Bestiality? Incest? Homosexuality?
Role playing? Fetishes? BDSM?

I actually found a site which discusses these (and more) in regards to whether or not they are allowed according to the Bible.

Basically speaking... the Bible does say some of these are not allowed (Bestiality, incest). But beyond that, if the act is a) within the confines of marriage, and b) is acceptable to both involved, it's acceptable.


Sex is obvious a very large topic when it comes to the Bible. To sum up what is acceptable in two short sentences probably isn't doing the topic justice. So, I will be happy to go into greater depths when it is not 1am and I am a little more awake.


The site I found that breaks it all down as to what's acceptable: What's Okay, What's Not
The site where I found the story about the pastor... I lost it. I closed the site as soon as I noticed there was a video attached. I'm not one for watching porn.

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