Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't Believe Everything You Think

Do you want to know why many people no longer go to church, or hang out with Christians (unless of course these Christians are the same as they are, and also don't go to church or hang out with Christians)?

It's because most Christians are incredibly judgmental, egotistical, narrow-minded, and just plain think they know better than everyone else.

And yes, that is a very judgmental statement to make. But I make it because I am incredibly angry and frustrated with people like this.

Before I continue, I do want to apologize to anyone I offend with this post (most likely because I've pointed a finger at you and stuck you in the group I defined above). This said...

Earlier tonight I shared an older post I wrote about how the poem "Invictus" became important to me and a bunch of other abused kids when we were teenagers. The post explained that while the words may seem to go against the teachings of Christ, we made these words our own (and made them so they did not deny God), and held to them like a life preserver. And I was very shocked and disheartened at many of the comments I received.

Some felt the need to correct me - that not only could "Invictus" not be used as a source of strength because it is anti-religion, but also that my way of defining this poem was not in the way of God.

Others felt the need to "baby" me, and assume that I'm some lost little child who is just figuring out how to walk.

Some felt that "Invictus" and its importance was simply a fairy tale to me. A fairy tale that I'll shed when I grow up.

I experienced many of these responses the other day when I posted a prayer. In this prayer, I basically let God know I wasn't too happy with Him. I questioned Him. I was hurt and angry. And I received numerous comments essentially letting me know that a) I'm wrong to question God, b) my faith obviously isn't strong enough, c) I'm nott praying hard enough, d)... well, you get the point.

But I must admit... I did receive one comment from someone who "gets it." This woman stated how its ok to be angry and admit to that angry... God already knows it's there anyway. Why hide it? And she didn't try to correct me or tell me how to feel or what to do. She commented simply to feel with me. This meant so incredibly much to me.

This is what we, as Christians, should be doing. We shouldn't be telling people how to feel or what to believe. We should be holding them in our hearts and prayers and feeling with them. And we should not be judging them. We should not be making assumptions about them.

Don't Believe Everything You Think....

Just because I don't go to church, Bible study, women's group, etc every week... doesn't mean I am not a Christian.

Just because I don't have a degree in any religious studies... doesn't mean I'm ignorant regarding theology, the Bible, doctrine, etc.

Just because I do not interpret the Bible the way you do... doesn't mean I don't believe the Bible is the Word of God

Just because I'm willing to admit my anger at God from time to time... doesn't mean I love Him less than you do.

Just because I'm willing to be honest and admit that my beliefs have wavered from time to time... doesn't mean that I'm born again, or just starting my journey towards Christ

Just because I went through hardships in life - hardships which made me question the existence of a God - doesn't mean Satan had been in control of me (at least, no more so than he controls everyone)

I am not a baby. My journey towards Christ is not in its infancy. I have believed in God for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a very strict Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. I have been baptized and confirmed. Just because I have admitted that my faith has wavered at times... this does not mean I'm just not born again into Christ. It simply means I have more courage to be honest than the rest of you do... because everyone has had their faith waver before.

I have studied the Bible. I have studied the books that did not make it into the Bible. No, I don't know everything. There are areas I struggle with. There are some things I find pointless to even have in the Bible. Just because I'm willing to question these things... or that I disagree with the relevance of the entire Bible (with the exception of it being relevant in terms of learning how other cultures and people made their journey to a closer relationship with God).... doesn't mean I think the Bible is worthless.


The point to this entire post...STOP ASSUMING you know people. Stop judging them on the limited knowledge (and, often unimportant knowledge) you possess. Stop thinking you're a better Christian than me. You're not a better Christian - You're just better at hiding your questions and doubts and slipping faith.

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