Friday, May 31, 2013

God Planned Tragedy?

I've read several blog posts today regarding God's plan... God has a plan for us all. Our lives have already been predetermined by God. Everything good or bad which happens in our life is part of God's plan. He has a purpose for everything he sends our way - it's all intended to bring us closer to him...

And do you know what I have to say about all this?


God is a loving God. He is all powerful and all knowing. He is full of Grace and mercy.

And yet, you're all telling me that this God wants us to sin? It's his plan that we're all going to sin? You're telling me that he wants to kill a bunch of children in a school?

Don't get me wrong - God does have a plan. But well, how many times have you made a plan only to have those plans thwarted whether or not by controllable circumstances? I planned to grill steaks the other night. My grill ran out of gas. I planned to spend yesterday getting a lot of work done... instead, I slept because I was unable to sleep the night before. Just because a plan is in place, does not mean we're going to follow it.

God gave us free will. With this free will came the ability for us to choose whether or not to follow God's plan for us. Our choices have not been predetermined. I think it's a bit of a cop-out to say they are. Oh, I cheated on my husband because God predetermined I would do so. I opened fire on a school full of children because God predetermined I would do so. It's part of God's plan.



Does that sound like a loving and merciful God to you?

For those who recognize that we DO have a plan made up for us, and recognize that we have the free will to decide whether or not to follow that plan, but don't know how to understand that plan or know what to do... I completely understand. It is very difficult at times to know where God would like us to be. All I can say is pray. When faced with a tough decision or circumstance... open your heart to hear God's will. He isn't always easy to hear, but he will help move you in the right direction if you truly want to follow his path.

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