Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random Thoughts

This past weekend and last couple days have been a little crazy for me. It's had its crazy ups and even crazier downs. Things have gone from "hey! I'm having a great day!" to "hey! I wanna jump off the nearest bridge!" to "hey! I think I've come up with the secrets to the inside of my mind!"

Yes, it has been insane. And, I was finding that reading blog posts was causing more chaos. So, I stepped away for a few days. And now today, I've come back and tried reading some, and have found myself rather irritated with many of these posts - irritated for really no good reason. But, because there are so many random thoughts zipping around, I'm finding it hard to write a structurally sound blog post of my own.

Therefore... Random Thoughts....

1 - just because you don't drink, smoke, swear, or have sex does NOT make you better than anyone else. Any of these on their own are not evil. You aren't going to hell because you had a glass of beer.

2 - just because you believe in God, does not mean life is perfect. Just because your life is in shambles, doesn't mean you don't believe enough.

3 - applauding a child for judging people for the way they dress is, in my opinion, much worse then how the people dress. God says we are not to judge.

4 - women are NOT possessions. We are not to remain silent. And we are NOT beneath men. This kind of thinking sets women up to be raped and abused.

5 - Catholic priest sexually abuses child... these stories really anger me on more than just the sexual abuse level. I try to not judge people based on actions of a few... Catholic priests make it incredibly difficult to follow this policy of mine.

6 - television, music, video games - these alone do not scar children or turn them into murderers/rapists. Unsupervised children exposed to these without getting any kind of teaching... that leads to scarred children and turns them into murderers/rapists. 

7 - I am apparently incredibly opinionated. Someone who's known me for 20 years blames my recent involvement in church for this trait. I say she has apparently been blind the last 20 years.

8 - I love debating. And this is usually a really bad thing. Especially when it's a topic I feel strongly (am highly opinionated) about.

9 - personality disorders are definitely not fun to deal with. They really mess with pretty much every aspect of your life.

10 - consistently telling someone they are wrong in regards to how the see the Bible, God, and their relationship with the Lord is only going to steer them AWAY from God. Everyone sees things a little different. Everyone has their own opinions. Everyone worships in their own way. Everyone holds different things as important in their relationship. Who are any of us to tell them they are wrong in how they hold onto our Lord?

And, I do believe a few of these points MAY end up as full posts, if I can ever calm the chaos in my mind long enough to focus.

God bless

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