Monday, July 1, 2013

I Shaved My Legs for This?!

Men may not understand this, but I am fairly certain the women will... As women, we don't like shaving our legs. It's a time-consuming, pain-staking task. Yet, we will do it for special occasions...a date, a trip to a crowded beach, a wedding. And yes, even church. While I'm certain God doesn't care if we look like Sasquatch, we as vain little women do care.

But, if we're going to take the time to do this painstaking task, we expect it to be worth it.

So often it seems that even the minister doesn't want to be at church. Or, he/she just wants it to get over. There's a complete lack of enthusiasm in not only preaching God's Word, but even in just reading it. Hymns are mumbled, prayers are rushed, and oh my Heavens! Do we really need to do Communion again!?! We just did it two months ago. And the sermon? I've heard nervous 6th graders give longer and more energetic speeches about boring people from history. 

Some of us actually go to church to learn and grow. We want to hear about God's grace, and the perfect gift we've received in Christ. But we need ministers and preachers who have that same - and actually, much greater - enthusiasm. We want our ministers to meet our expectations. We want the time we spent shaving our legs to not be in vain.

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