Monday, August 19, 2013

Feed Me!

Whenever anyone in my house walks around with food, our little puppy (note: the image on this post is NOT my puppy... my puppy refuses to sit still for photos) is right there. She'll go up on her hind legs, hopping around following us. She'll give us that pleading puppy-dog look. She'll beg. For anything. It doesn't matter what food we have - she wants some. She wants a bite, a morsel, a crumb.

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever found yourself following someone around begging for just another crumb of God's Word? Of the one food that can sustain us? It is not enough to read the Bible (although, I do highly recommend this be done as well). But, as I was taught a year ago - we need more than just to read the words. We also need guidance. We need a strong spiritual leader. And now, since being shown this, I find myself often feeling like the begging little puppy, pleading for one more morsel...

Up until a year ago, I considered pastors to be something to be avoided, other than the polite greetings before and/or after Sunday service, when I even bothered going to service. But now, I've come to realize something... I want someone to help guide me spiritually. I want someone I can turn to when I'm spiritually drained. I need all of this.I need someone who will feed me - through his sermons, through his prayers, through offering me communion and blessings. I need someone who will feed me with something substantial. I want a pastor - an active one... not just one I half listen to on Sunday mornings.

Am I wrong to want this stuff? Am I expecting too much? Am I placing too much emphasis on a desire for a spiritual leader? I used to go about my spirituality on my own... but now, I am not sure if it's enough any more... am I wrong in this thinking?

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