Monday, August 19, 2013

Safe Haven

Last night I was feeling under the weather. Despite having slept for a few hours earlier in the evening, I was exhausted again by 10pm. Deciding to turn in early, I went to make sure our dogs were taken care of. I couldn't find the older one.

Eventually I located her - curled up in my room, next to my spot. She never goes in my room - unless it's going to storm. Then, it's her safe haven. So, I ventured outside with the puppy... and sure enough, lightning was starting to be visible.Shortly after getting the puppy settled into her spot, the thunder started. The older dog tucked herself further away from the door of the room, and the younger one started whimpering and trembling uncontrollably.

I unleashed the puppy, and brought her into my bed with me. Usually, being in my bed means running around and trying to dig a hole in my mattress. But last night, she licked my face, then curled up as close to me as she could get. As I wrapped my arms around her, the trembling stopped.

Sometimes, this is what we need. I know people say that with God, there is no need to fear. Fear not for he is with us. But when the storm comes, how easily we forget this. And how little it can sometimes mean. Don't take that the wrong way - having God in our lives can definitely help ease fear. But there are times when we need more than that. We need the physical representation of God's love. We need the physical representation of God's arms around us. We all need a physical safe haven - somewhere we can hide from the storm.

There is nothing wrong with needing a safe haven... or with being someone's safe haven. I believe this is part of our responsibilities towards each other - to be the physical representation of God's love. When we are told to love each other as God loves us - does God not love us by easing our fears? By giving us shelter from the storm?

May we all learn to be this representation - this shelter - to those who are afraid. May we all help ease their fears in God's name.

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