Wednesday, September 11, 2013

But... But... I Don't Wanna!

Have you ever had one of those lazy days... you're sitting around watching television, munching on anything that you didn't have to cook. And suddenly someone comes in and asks you to do something...

"But... I don't wanna!"

I think it's safe to say we've all had those days of not being motivated to do anything more than sit on our rumps. And, there's nothing wrong with that on rare occassions, so long as the important stuff gets done (ya know... feeding the kids... pets... anything that could die without sustenance).

But what about those things where "I don't wanna" can cause problems? What about those things you know you need to change - they're unhealthy and/or dangerous - and you know you could change them... if you really wanted to...

Maybe you're sleeping with the boss. Well, that's an easy one to fix... quit sleeping with him. "But... I don't wanna!"

Maybe you enjoy your alcohol just a bit too much. Generally an easy fix (although quite often support is needed)... Regardless, to fix it you need to quit drinking (with or without help). "But... I don't wanna!"

Quit fantasizing about your minister during church. Quit smoking. Quit sneaking out of your parents' house at 2am. "But... I don't wanna!"

 Quit lying, cheating, stealing...


"But... I DON'T WANNA!"

Let's face it guys. We like to sin. Admit it. Maybe not all sin. I know some who refuse to cuss or drink or smoke. "That's against the Bible! That's wrong! But oh did you hear what that jezebel in the house on the corner did last night?!... "  Um... yeah... gossip is a sin too lady! Quit it! "But... I don't wanna!" She likes participating in that sin. She'd probably never admit it... but it's a truth. We like sin.

Someone once told me that if we're true followers of Christ, if we truly had faith and love in and for God, we would hate sin. That's a crock. If we hated sin... we would stop intentionally sinning. We would quit sinning. There would be no sin - at least, not from the hands, mouths, or hearts of Christians.

Christians would be PERFECT. We'd be godlike. We'd be sinless.

But... perfect is boring. Godlike is boring. Sinless is boring. We don't want to quit sinning. We want to allow ourselves the sins of the flesh. Those are fun.

Next time you catch yourself about to sin... or in the middle of a sin... tell yourself you can quit. And listen for that voice "But I don't wanna!" That's the voice we need to silence if we truly want to work on being "better" people. That's the voice we need to silence if we're going to try to claim we hate sin.


Or... maybe it's just me that likes sinning... ?

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