Friday, January 3, 2014

Hatred and Lies in the Name of God??

Perhaps this is very poor taste... but I feel a strong pull on my heart, soul and mind to post this. This was a conversation between myself and someone who claims to be a pastor. Basically, it started with the "pastor" saying that Christians are considered hate-mongers because we hate sin... and I was trying to explain that it's not because Christians hate sin (we're supposed to hate sin). It's because many Christians hate the sinner. We sometimes act like those who sin are not worthy of God's Grace, Love or Mercy.

I also want to state that I really am not proud of my own behavior in this conversation. I got angry, and started to show that exact hatred and judgment that I speak against.

That said, here is the conversation. With the exception of the text of the scriptures (I linked the verses instead of pasting them), and removing the name of the "pastor" and one other person who's name was mentioned, nothing has been added or removed from this conversation....

Hatred and Lies

Christians are now hate mongers? Because we hate sin.

“Very true . If I share that fornication is a sin , I'm hatin' . If I say that Homosexuality and gay marriage is a sin , I'm hatin' . satan has really flipped the game .........” 

No... it's hating when you say God hates gays, or that God hates adulterers. Or that gays, adulterers, etc are going to hell and/or are unworthy of God's love and grace. It's hating when you attack anyone who disagrees with your view on homosexuality. It's hating when you use the Bible to justify acting in any way other than love towards another person.

+Brandi Eissinger God hates sins. Wow please grow. 

+Brandi Eissinger whatever bible you are reading from please find an accurate one or get a teacher. Both would be most acceptable. Because every comment is usually slanted or uninformed. 

lol see now THAT is hating.

IF you would have actually read what I said, I was trying to say that people do not say Christians are hating when we say something is a sin. They say we're hating when we say God hates the sinner, or that the sinner is not worthy of God's grace and love. How is this uninformed? How is this slanted? How is this worthy of you attacking me and acting in a completely non-Pastor/non-man of God fashion? 

“Pastor”: (note… I removed the actual text of the verses the “Pastor” quoted only to save space in this. Instead, I have placed links on the verses to Bible Gateway.)

Let's discuss sin. Paul in Romans
Romans 1:25-32 KJV

Ezekiel 18:20-23 KJV

Acts 2:38 KJV

1 John 5:18 KJV

To sit back and want to speak half a gospel because of what ever serving agenda is isn't gospel preaching. Its killing them. Robbing them of the truth. You dont let your kids play and traffic without scolding them. You dont let your friends play with firearms. I don't know where you want the gospel of half to be preached but again. Unless you are truly willing to stand in the gap snd battle sin inside a man because you love him. Stand aside please. Because the comments presented are weightless. Because the very same gospel or point of view as you say is a saving gospel. I would much rather be accused for being a hater of sin than a critic without a foundation. I am glad you are hearing it. There is hope. Because no one comments for things they dont like. They comment because something sticks. Otherwise I don't engage. Preach the whole bible not the just the parts you like. Preachers don't get that luxury. We preach what the Holy Spirit tells us. That is in our bible as well. 

You preach lies if you preach that it is ok to hate anyone. You preach lies if you do not teach that we are to love the sinner.

I am not saying do not hate sin. I have never said that and I would never say that. I speak only the truth as God instructs me to teach. But you teach that it is ok to hate people. It is ok to condemn them. You teach that it is ok for you to attack me for simply trying to clarify a point.

HATING a person is a SIN. Attacking a person is a sin. And telling people that this is ok? Passing yourself off as a Pastor when you believe and teach these lies is a sin. You're right - I don't let my kids play in traffic or friends play with firearms... which is exactly why I would never allow any of them to attend a church with you as a leader. It would kill their soul.

+Brandi Eissinger gladly enough God speaks who goes to church not you. If we let mab decide where we go. We would be all in hell. No manner of your chatter will change that. The line stretches around the corner for those who have ill things to say. You are more than welcome to bring your picket sign and speech. I welcome it. Nothing wikl silence me until my life is called to Heaven. Until I hear ny name called. I will preach to you and everyone. You can tune out. Comment. Spew barbs. Throw stones. Nothing will silence my voice to preach and teach the gospel. You are the very reason men and women need to speak the things that are discussed. And I bless you dearly and love you dearly. And welcome your attacks. Bring them forward

You are NOT preaching or teaching the Gospel if you are preaching and teaching hate! That is my point. I go to church... every Sunday and whenever else there is church. I go to two different Bible studies. My best friend is a Pastor who knows the true Gospel and teaches it to me all the time. The Gospel is NOT about hating people. It is about love. So quit insulting me. I am not some uneducated idiot. God speaks to me. God calls me to teach the truth. And God has called many wonderful, knowledgeable people to help me with this mission. Do not give me any lines of bull that you bless or love me because you do not understand such words and concepts.

+Brandi Eissinger god bless and godspeed to you. 

Nice dismissal. Go back to being a false prophet. But that won't stop me from telling people you teach lies. :) I'll pray for your soul.

+Brandi Eissinger you are dismissed you aren't saying anything that is truthful about me or otherwise. Just talking. I don't listen to noise anymore than I do giving it life. Your talk hasnt contained a shread of truth. So I moved you along. There are more naysayers than to concentrate on one. You have your mind made up. Awesome. Now move along. 


Am I wrong in seeing this as preaching hatred and lies? Did I do anything (at least, at the opening of this conversation) to be treated as if I am uninformed and in need of growth (although, to be honest, we all can use some spiritual growth). 

Am I wrong in seeing this as someone whom should not be preaching? I'd almost go so far as to say he's a false prophet. 

Is it acceptable to teach hatred of others in the name of God??? 

Please, everyone... before you follow any Pastor, Priest, Minister, Preacher, etc... always compare their teachings to Scripture. It is not in Scripture to hate others. It is not Biblical to spread hatred or to teach it in His name.

God bless

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