Monday, April 28, 2014

Let it Crumble - Hell, Let it Burn - to the Ground

We take a break from our irregularly scheduled programming of the Condemned House series to bring you this little rant...

I've been discussing how we must rebuild our hearts - how we must learn to trust both in God and man; how we must tear down the pseudo-walls fear has built - so we can grow in Christ, and be healthier, loving children of God.

But one thing that I failed to mention - though did not fail to recognize - is that these walls were built for a reason. This inability (or lack of desire) to trust came about for a reason.

The one thing I have been preaching time and again in my blog posts is that love does not hurt. And, I stand beside the belief that it should not hurt. But the truth of the matter is that it does. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that people continue to hurt others in the name of love.

It's ok to physically or emotionally harm another person... so long as you do so out of love. And so long as people continue pushing this lie, the walls continue to stand erect around my heart. So long as supposed loved ones continue pushing this lie, the foundation of trust can never stand strong.

We're to protect those we care about. We're to lay down our own life for those we love. But who truly does this? Who truly loves another to protect that person? Is it truly so much easier to side with those who are causing harm? Is it truly so much easier to smack someone down?

How dare you claim love when you're part of the problem! How dare you say you care when all you can do is sling insults and stand back watching as another beats someone to the ground!

This love that people toss around is a lie. It is filled with abuse, and hurt, and pain. Is it truly any wonder we continue to reside in condemned homes? It it any wonder I hide in a locked, walled-off room, alone with just my silly ideals of how love should be?

Yes, I am passionate on the subjects of love and abuse - and how the two can never live together. If this makes me a mean person, or a stupid person, or silly, or whatever insults you want to say... fine. I'll stay in my little locked away room, the ground crumbling beneath me, until the world recognizes what Godly love truly is. Hell, maybe I'll set the damn thing on fire and let my silly, stupid ideals burn, along with me.

Maybe I'll let you all win.

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