Tuesday, June 24, 2014

They Knew that They were Naked

Do you know what it's like to be naked? I mean really naked - not the kind of naked that has us without clothing to hide our flesh; but rather the kind of naked that has us without anything to hide those dark deeds we've done, and those naughty thoughts swimming around our heads, and the envy and anger we've felt towards others.

Naked and Ashamed

Being truly naked for someone is something I have had a problem with for a long time. Too many years of abuse and too many people being abusive has led me to not trust people. The thought of letting someone in? The thought of opening up my heart and soul for someone? The thought of letting them know my hopes, dreams, fears and thoughts? The thought of them knowing the things I've said and done and thought and felt? I almost have an anxiety attack just at the concept. 

The truth is, we're all naked to God. We just don't always remember that. We go about our life, covering up our sinful actions and thoughts, fearing God will see us as not good enough; often even trying to hide the good that's buried inside us, fearing God might think us prideful or as still not good enough. Whatever the reasons, we try to cover our nakedness.

In the Garden, after Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they knew they were naked and were ashamed. God created them naked. There should have been no shame in this. Perhaps it wasn't that their physical naughty bits were exposed which left them ashamed and trying to hide. Perhaps it was that they suddenly realized God could see into their hearts and minds. They realized their sin was exposed to Him. And like us, they were uncomfortable with that nakedness. They, like us, were attempting to hide that from Him. And they, like us, could not.

Stop Hiding (It's Futile)

The next time you're in communication with God, be open about those things you most try to hide from Him. He already sees into your soul - you might as well be a willing participant in His viewing. It's through this willing openness that we grow. It's through this that God is able to work growth into us and through us. It's through this openness that we are able to better reach out to others to aid in their growth, or at least in their times of need.

And, it really is much less work to just say "hey look God... I keep acting/thinking this way" than to ineffectually attempt to hide it from Him. It's much better for our hearts, minds and souls to trust in Him and His mercy and grace, than to hide from Him.

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