Monday, June 23, 2014

Stop Pointing a Finger, Reach Out a Hand

Sometimes I read something that just gets my head spinning and my emotions churning and there are just too many things to say. Even more often, it comes from reading the comments on articles that really does this to me.

Demon-Possessed Child Locked Up

When I first read this article, I felt an immediate sting of anger. Ok, so it really wasn't even a sting. I saw red. I know what it's like to be put through this kind of torture (to a degree). I know what it's like to be humiliated and ashamed and made to feel like every thrash is my own fault. I know what this kid has to look forward to.

And then I started reading the comments.

Some were intelligent. Some pointed out that this is not a case of Christianity being bad and allowing this kind of activity. It's a case of two people (religion unknown) looking for a scapegoat for beating their child. Religion has little if anything to do with it. Some pointed out that these parents need serious help. Some pointed out that we should stop making this about religion and the parents and pray for this little boy.

And that's what it should be about. But in our desire to smack people down, so many of us ignore the true needs of others. We should be loving this child as if he were our own. We should be attempting to show some compassion and understanding that these parents definitely do need help. Yes, they should be punished for their actions, but they should also get the help they need to understand you do not treat another human (or any of God's creation) this way.

Instead, we make it about religion. We twist true Christianity and turn it into something evil. We claim God allows this kind of evil behavior. We excuse our actions or those of others by claiming He sanctions it through the Bible.

Or we make it about revenge. We talk about how these parents should experience the same torture. The truth is - they probably already did experience it... when they were children. Don't get me wrong - just because you were abused, does not give you the right to abuse someone else. But it sadly is so often the case. Why? Because it's easier to excuse our horrible actions than to seek out Godly actions. And sometimes it's because no one stood up to teach those Godly actions.

How Did it Get to This Point?

Did no one notice a 6 year old missing? Did no one notice the bruises and burns? Did no one hear the cries?

We turn a blind eye until we see the story in the paper. And then we blame it on religion, or the government, or our education system, or something else in society.

Stop blaming and start acting!

As Christians, we should always be mindful of those in need. We should always be showing compassion. We should always be treating other people as if they are family - because they are. We should be forgiving our enemies. And our friends. And strangers. We should be loving each and every one of these people.

Stop pointing a finger, and instead reach out a hand.

God bless

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