Thursday, July 24, 2014

What is Wrong with Christianity?

If you haven't already done so - please read the image above. The top part is something someone had posted on Google+. The bottom shows one of the comments written today in response.

A supposed Christian promoting the bullying and suicide of homosexuals - and using God to justify this decision.

Apparently, it's okay to punch a homosexual. Apparently it's okay to call him names. Apparently we should celebrate him being a "pansie" and killing himself.

This is Christian behavior??? This is what we're teaching others? This is the message we're spreading?

I have many friends whom are atheists. And one of the most common reasons they give me for not believing in/following God is not scientific in nature, but is love vs. hate. Religion - including (and perhaps specifically) Christianity - teaches us to hate, and they don't believe in that. They want the freedom to love everyone... to accept everyone... to help everyone. Ironically, they want the freedom to be what Christ wants us to be (although, they don't exactly word it that way).

If we want to bring people to Christ, we need to follow Christ ourselves. We need to mimic Christ's actions. He did not hate. He did not tell us to punch those whom we disagree with. He did not teach us to cause the suicide of someone different.

We don't have to agree with another person's choice of lifestyle - but it is not our responsibility or right to judge that person; and we are specifically told it is not our right to hate that person and wish harm upon them.

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